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Our important customers say about us:


We are a company engaged in worldwide, comprehensive supply and installation of LV and MV systems in the energy, chemical and manufacturing industries. A regular part of our projects is the design and installation of cable routes.

For a long time, we have been looking for options and smart solutions on the market that would make it easier for us, and especially our installers, to install cables. The use of a suitable cable roller system is a great advantage and sometimes a necessity. Due to the fact that in the world we encounter the need to use or install cable trays and troughs from various manufacturers (BAKS, OBO, Niedax), we were looking for a universal , but at the same time robust and high-quality system of cable rollers , which would allow us the largest possible saving time when laying cables.

We decided on the ROLLINE system a few months ago and it has already been used in several installations not only in Europe.

Our installers especially emphasize the versatility , quality and smart solutions that are associated with the ROLLINE system. Our satisfaction with ROLLINE products is enhanced by the knowledge that this is a system born in the minds of Czech engineers.

Well done, guys !!

Tomáš Pankulič,

Purchasing specialist

ACS International s.r.o.


For many years I have been looking for solutions to simplify the installation of cables , especially with longer lengths. There has always been a problem with the workload of people on construction sites and little time for the cables to be laid. In order to satisfy investors and also save some money , I tried rollers from the company ROLLINE sro, which exceeded my expectations . The installers simply prepare everything before the actual installation of the cables. They will install the rollers mainly in problem areas where at least two people had to stand in the past. Now both time and gross manpower are saved . Thanks to this solution, cable assembly has become very easy and is no longer so strenuous.

Thank you for this solution.

Pavel Fodor,

Managing Director


asec brno.png

The solution of the company ROLLINE Ltd. brought us time, money and people on the construction site. We can use cable rollers for all manufacturers of cable trays and ladders, which suits us. Thanks to cable rollers from ROLLINE sro, we can handle more projects than before, thanks to saving time when laying cabling with a smaller number of installers .

Ing. Jiří Uher,

Managing Director

ASEC - elektrosystemy s.r.o.

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